About Tim

Tim Turk has been an NHL level skills and shooting coach since 2001, having worked with teams such as Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes. Tim works with many organizations, teams, coaches and players, male and female all over the world.

You may be thinking that his instruction is too advanced for you. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Tim teaches and works with all ages & levels, even minor hockey players as well!

Tim teaches players of any age, or skill level!

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PUCK SKILLS  –  Carry it, pass it, clear it or, better yet, put the puck in the net! Tim Turk Hockey’s technique- driven approach to teaching the art of hockey shooting & scoring, passing and puck control enables players to better maintain possession of the puck, then release it with optimal power and accuracy. Improve your shot!

GAME KNOWLEDGE  –  Hockey is a game of options – know how, know what, know when! Player development requires both skills and knowledge. In addition to providing the ability to execute, Tim Turk Hockey teaches situation-specific play options, so players can quickly make the right choice in any game situation.

TOTAL CONFIDENCE  –  Physical and mental preparedness are vital to success! By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of the game, Tim Turk’s progressive training enables players to execute with total confidence, even under extreme pressure.