Sample Training Clip

Sample Training Clip of Lessons #1 and  #10.
Arm motion with pucks and keeping the puck in a prepared position.

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• Lesson #1 – Starting with the basics to build a foundation focusing on arm and hand technique mixed with body control and position.
• Lesson #2 – Puck and Blade relationships- what happens to the puck during the release phase to get…HEIGHT (1st spin), CONTROL (2nd spin), DISTANCE, SPEED and ACCURACY. Maximum loading zone and exploding zone (from the back foot to the front foot OR facing the net from the heels to the front of the toes)
Lesson #3 – Stationary receiving a pass and preparing it to your loading zone efficiently. Getting your grip hand back to your pocket area prior to releasing
• Lesson #4 – Review 1-3 and intro shooting in motion. Focusing on 2 feet on the ice. Perpendicular (toes facing the net) and Stride leg push
• Continued….

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