Tim Turk
Hockey Skills Development, Shooting & Scoring

“Tim’s scientific approach to teaching players how to shoot goes far beyond what a coach at any level has the time or knowledge to do. This includes players from Novice thru Pro. I have seen 1st hand how amazed pros are at what Tim has to offer. Any player who wants to score more goals needs to spend time with Tim. You will be amazed at what you didn’t know about the art of shooting!”
Trevor Timmins
Vice President of Player Personnel & Director of Amateur Scouting Montreal Canadiens

“Tim Turk’s ability to focus on details and individual elements of shooting & passing is what makes him so highly sought after. He cares about the player and their performance during his session and beyond. He puts in a 100% and makes sure players are taken care of and confident in their skill. Tim Turk works with so many high profile players for a reason.”
Noëlle Needham – LEGEND HOCKEY

“Thanks, Tim, for the work you’ve done with Matthew. He’s grown in confidence and his shot has improved tremendously in the time he has spent with you. We can really notice the difference in his game. Matthew loves working with you – the sessions are both demanding and fun. You’re always so encouraging and motivational! As a parent, it’s great to see the connection between player and instructor, the laughing and positive reinforcement that go hand in hand with the learning and striving to improve. Thanks!” Jonathan S.- Parent

Turk’s Snipers Member’s Feedback….

“What a difference the tip about driving off the inner leg made! …. Going back to basics with this video immediately improved my shot: faster and more accurate. Thanks Tim and Jeremy!” – Ryan Iclee

“These videos have been very helpful. Trying to rebuild my shot from the ground up. Getting great results already with slow, steady practice.”– Patscha

“I love the basics course. I’m a great shooter but I feel like I still need to master some details. Push/pull hand, lower arm lock and faster shot prep will probably be the three tasks that I will have to master.” -Anna

“Awesome! I like the short segments that focus on one thing. It really breaks it down into digestible portions.” -Cory Linstrum